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Principle of vacuum oil filter

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Vacuum oil filter is the most widely used type of oil filter in the family of waste oil regeneration. It is famous for "efficient filtration, rapid dehydration, rapid emulsification and multi-function". It integrates the functions of filtering impurity particles, filtering water, degassing, reducing acid value, pumping and oil injection. The industry demand is huge, so the principle and technology of vacuum oil filter are specially explained.
The working principle of
The boiling points of water and oil differ widely. In a high vacuum, the boiling point of water drops a lot and the oil is heated so that water escapes quickly from the oil. Then make the oil through fine filtration, become qualified oil products. Under the action of vacuum, the oil before filtering is heated by the heating tube after magnetic filtering and coarse filtering to remove coarse impurities from the oil inlet. Hot oil is sprayed by the jet tube into coarse particle mist, and gradually distributed in the reflection ring, in a three-dimensional range, the formation of three-dimensional multi-layer evaporation body, if the vacuum degree is -0.09mpa, and the boiling point of water is only about 50℃, and the oil has been heated and stable at 70℃, the water in the oil boiling escape, oil and water separation. Most of the water vapor enters the condenser and condenses into water droplets. The rest of the water vapor and the harmful gas in the oil are evacuated by a vacuum pump. The oil removed from water is pumped out by the oil pump, filtered by the fine filter to remove particles and impurities, and then output to complete a working cycle. After a short cycle, the water, gas and impurities in the oil will be removed and reach the use standard.
If there are too many impurities in the oil, please pretreat it before using the machine to avoid damage to the machine.
Main technical indicators of vacuum oil filter:
The name of the Traffic Operating vacuum Pressure of work Operating temperature Heating power The total power Filter configuration The equipment size The weight of the
The coarse filter The fine filter Long Wide High
Unit min/L MPa MPa KW KW µm µm M M M Kg
Indicators 30 -0.06~ -0.09 ≤0.5 20~80 24 27 50 5 1.07 1 1.6 600