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Introduction and market analysis of fludilanamide

Release date:2021-10-19 18:34 Browse times:
Fludinamide is a new type of low toxicity pyridinamide insect growth regulator insecticide developed by Ishihara Industry Co., LTD. The patent of this product expired on July 23, 2013, and its global sales reached 42 million US dollars in 2007. Due to its superior performance in the control of cotton aphid, the market capacity is expected to reach 300 million US dollars in the future.
Fludinamide product features:
One, fluridine amide in addition to a touch and stomach toxicity, but also has a very good nerve agent and rapid antifeeding effect. Suckers, such as aphids, are quickly prevented from sucking after ingesting and inhaling plant SAP containing fludinamide, and there is no excretion within an hour. They eventually die of starvation.
2. This agent is similar to other insect growth regulator insecticides, but it has good retention effect. Aphids can be seen to die two or three days after application, and one application can last about 14 days.
3. The drug is safe for crops, and no harm was observed at the recommended dose. At the same time, people, livestock, the environment has a high safety. And is effective against other insecticide-resistant pests.
Four, at present in the prevention and control of cotton aphid specific medicine, through my company experiment, the product on cotton aphid special effect.