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China's industrial cleaning agent in the 21st century four prominent problems

Release date:2021-10-19 18:38 Browse times:
When it comes to cleaning, no one is strange, because in daily life, everyone of us almost every day more or less to use facial cleanser, soap, soap, detergent, washing powder, shampoo and other washing products for cleaning, however, when it comes to industrial cleaning, I am afraid that few people know.
In the production process of petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, electric power, food and many other basic industries, due to the equipment and pipeline of the new device, in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation and production process, will inevitably produce rolled scale, oil dirt, welding slag, surface floating layer and various oxides, in addition, Operating equipment such as all kinds of towers, pipe heat exchangers, tanks, jacket, reactor, etc., will also "trap dirt", such as polymer, coking, scale, oil and dirt, sediment, rust corrosion, etc., if the device is not cleaned in time before operation or after one or two years of operation, Then it will lead to material degeneration in the equipment, destroy the process, affect the quality of the final product, some will make the equipment and pipeline failure, energy consumption increase, efficiency reduction, serious will make the process blockage interruption, the device is forced to stop production, even there may be leakage and explosion and other major safety accidents.
There are two common cleaning methods: chemical cleaning and physical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is the use of one or more chemical agents on the surface of the object pollutants or coverage of chemical transformation, dissolution stripping to achieve degreasing, rust removal and descaling effect, cleaning is more thorough, the application is also more common, accounting for about 60% of industrial cleaning. Physical cleaning generally refers to mechanical cleaning and hydraulic cleaning, accounting for about 40%.
20 years ago, there was no professional cleaning company in China, and only one or two enterprises could undertake large installations and earn high profits by relying on only a few barrels of acid, alkali, a brush and a rag. 20 years later, the rapid development of industry, science and technology, China already has the world's most advanced cleaning equipment, instruments, cleaning agents, including chemical cleaning technology, PIG pipeline cleaning technology, high pressure water jet cleaning technology, gas move cleaning technology, gas pulse cleaning technology, microbial cleaning technology, pipeline drying, anti-corrosion technology and equipment, With occluder analyzer, pipeline leak detector, PIG tracker and other equipment and corresponding automatic analysis, detection and control instruments, the industrial cleaning team has expanded to nearly 1000 companies.
According to data analyzed by the Ministry of Information Industry, China's civil and industrial cleaning market needs up to 300 billion yuan every year. An industrial cleaning industry professionals analysis, 300 billion mainly civil cleaning as the majority, industrial cleaning can only account for about 10%, it is not difficult to calculate, the annual demand of the industrial cleaning market should be 30 billion.
Expert analysis, domestic industry cleaning market is huge, but the problem is great.
First, it is urgent to raise the threshold of access. Due to the current domestic cleaning industry there are many management, segmentation phenomenon, so industry protection, disorderly competition, the quality of engineering services are uneven phenomenon everywhere.
Second, there are not many brand enterprises. Because the industry has no entry threshold, so the cleaning industry is dominated by individual enterprises, accounting for nearly 60 ~ 70%, and showed a sharp rise. Among these enterprises, there are a number of enterprises that do not have the technology and equipment for cleaning large projects, but they can disrupt the bidding of projects with absolute low prices.
Third, backward industry standards. It is understood that the current domestic industrial cleaning enterprises can refer to the implementation of the standards are still in the 1980s and 1990s promulgated by the Department of chemical industry and other relevant standards, has been far from meeting the requirements of The Times.
Fourth, it is urgent to develop environmental protection cleaning technology. With the deterioration of the global environment, the development of new environmental protection, pollution-free, low-cost green cleaning technology has become the inevitable development trend and competition conditions of the cleaning industry.